Christian Weddings is all about friendly environment especially shooting in hometown was amazing experience and capturing the cinematography or photography would be the most enjoyable time for photographers. Particularly South Indian Christian Wedding Photography, We had more chance to play with day light and night out door lights as well,

Janani’s involvement in every angle and shot in her Wedding Photography clearly impressed upon us the fact that she is a very creative person. She walked that extra mile, took a little bit more of care to make sure that her Wedding Photographs came out as beautifully as her Wedding itself since its a a Dream Wedding of Two Families. Thanks, Janani. Your inputs were definitely valuable for us! Janani and Alan’s wedding was held at the very well known Church campus in coutrallam, and it was a proper customized Tamizh Style Wedding we had a blast shooting for. The  bride and groom dressed up and got the make over done in the  star hotel, and we were happy that we had a beautiful looking venue to shoot! The couple got ready way ahead of time, and spent an hour with us, patiently posing for the photographs. They got all their poses too right in the first shot itself, and reminded us of the lead pair in the movie, who wouldn’t take their eyes off each other. Look at the below pictures, and drop your comments in. We hope you enjoy looking at them!










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