My name is Stephen. I am Wedding/Conceptual photographer based out of south India. Photography is my calling. I approach my work in photography with utmost devotion. Two of my favourite things to shoot are weddings and conceptual portraiture. There is a phase in my life where I am with my camera all the time, for a season. May be something inspired me to pick up the camera at some point. Desire behind the lens would have evolved me to become a photographer. For some, it’s passion and for others, it’s profession. For  me,  it’s both passion and profession.

With my casual and friendly approach to working with brides and grooms, I am able to integrate and truly become a part of the wedding family and create photographic stories from an insider perspective.  I started my career in photography, and worked with a long line of talented photographers in all kinds of shoots that sparked my latent interest in photography. Now, over fifteen years behind the lens I am doing something that I love and enjoy thoroughly every step of the way.