Okay. This is the one best wedding that could happen to us early this year. Aishwarya tied knot with Prakash and the Wedding was nothing short of Filmi Masti all over! Aishwarya looked no less than ethereal, wait, why aren’t we surprised! We have seen so much of her on Television, but what caught our attention was her super cool attitude towards things, and amazing taste in aesthetics. She also chose her life partner just as smart-Prakash was handsome, extremely level-headed, and was completely in love with his bride. Now that’s a rocking combination to shoot for. They loaded the resport with props like balloons, and bride boards to bring in the festive mood.The dance was extremely professional, and thorough, and we were stunned by Aishwarya keeping up on par with the dancers. Prakash was a total sport, and with a face full of smile, he made sure that his lovely bride outdid herself in every move just holding his gaze on her while she danced. The photo shoot after the dance was fantastic, and nothing like we have ever done before. Two beautiful couple, and one heavenly locale plus some really smart moves made for what probably is one of the best work we have done thus far. Here are the few captures from our end.




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