Siva is a groom with the looks of a top model. Kani, a soaring independent spirit with the smile that would floor angels. The story of their wedding is as soulful and equally colorful-just like our pictures. The two families beautifully and willingly came together to host this dream wedding. They were in complete sync with one another. Just a lot of smiles and so much goodwill that made us feel completely at home during the wedding. After-all, the more involved the photographer feels with the wedding, the more interesting and ‘real’ the pictures get’”

“The arrangements were very elegant. The Best Stage decors, The Best caterers and of course The Best Photographers .There was an air of artistic extravagance about the wedding. Every minutia of detail was looked into, the best in the business in their own respective fields were employed, and when we asked Kani’s parents about what made them ‘make’ the wedding happen, this is what they had to say: ” She is our only daughter, the apple of our eye. We wanted to show her and the world how much we loved her, and how happy we are when she is happy. The wedding was just a small token of our love”.

Kani’s and Shiva’s siblings were on toe throughout the wedding. They were our perfect taskmasters, they made things so easy for us. With their boyish charm, and their responsible attitude, they sure added a lot of charm to the wedding, turning heads and sometimes (secretly) flooring the hearts of all the pretty women who came to attend the wedding.

Kani’s bridal makeup was handled by the very talented Makeup Ibrahim. He made sure that she looked earthy, and yet royal. Kani’s rich taste shone through her colorful sarees. From bangles to her blouse work to her bindhi to her lipstick, everything was so right and with her blazing confidence, touched up with an ever smiling face, she pulled it off as if she owned the world. She was the true hero of her wedding!

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    We are very happy with their work. Thanks. Keep it up.


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