Everything was so Tamizh about the wedding. The wedding decor, the rituals, the bride and groom attire., Like we said earlier, everything was SO Tamizh that for a moment we were wonderstruck if we were in the right place. It was heart warming to see how the kumaonis were very open to engaging with the South Indian culture. They were truly global in spirit.  The bride’s folks were also very involved cum blended with the wedding, despite hailing from a different state and culture. They were curious to know the need for and the procedures involved in each of the tamizh rituals, and it was fantabulous to just look at the stage. Colors and colors and colors everywhere.

The bride was the centre of all attention. Gorgeous smile, out-of-the-world makeup plus an animated attitude sums up for a killer combo. She and her groom were the well deserved stars of their reception evening. The groom definitely made sure that his ethereal bride got all the attention in the planet, and this was one extraordinary fun filled wedding that was a thorough joy for us to shoot!

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